Biography and Artist Statement

Liz Alison was born in King’s Lynn, England but raised in West Cork, Ireland. After moving to Wales and studying a National Diploma in Art and Design at Coleg Ceredigion, she then went on to study a BA in Fine Art at UWIC, from which she has recently graduated.

Past work has concentrated on a variety of topics from abstract sculptures that focus on particular forms of light and shadow, captivating the viewer attention to observe features that perhaps normally go unnoticed, to symbolic sculptures that focus on universal human experiences and the transitory nature of human existence. Universal experiences that have received particular attention have included the impact of death, bereavement, ageing and stress. These topics have been explored through many mediums, particularly through wood and paper due to some of its transforming qualities. Experiments in integrating many mediums and techniques have also resulted in the use of methods such as wood work, metal work and casting.

Whilst continuing to evolve her sculptures, she also maintains her interest in engaging with the local community for example, current projects include a commission from The Gwanwyn Arts Festival from Age Cymru and the Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board to work on an art therapy project to treat mental illness.


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